Boot Camp Day 1

Fitness for Living - Day 1.  Check out the view from the park below!

Time trial on 1 mile (about 50 yards short) = 13.49 Everyone clapped for me since I was last!  

Pushups = 20,

Situps  = 15.

Day 4 of Colorado Diet - down 4 pounds

Weight 262.2    Seriously…I just wrote that out for everyone to see?  Jeez…

Feeling pretty good about things (minus the anxiety about Joseph being swept away by Clear Creek.) 

Time to start again…..

What happens if I finish last?

Great article and confidence builder for those worried about this.  Plus…the folks waiting around at the finish line cheer very loudly for you!



Bonjour from Paris!

Sunny and UNSEASONABLY WARM here.  Mid’70’s are expected which will make for a sweaty race. Apparently there aren’t many port-a-potties at the start…or even throughout the race.  I’ve read that public toilettes are hard to find on a good day…so this will be interesting.  It’s said that during the race most folks just or pee squat on the side of the road. Hmmm….good thing the lilac bushes and such are in bloom.  May make for a bit of privacy.

They gave us sponges in our bag at the expo. I thought it was packing material and threw it away, but you supposed to dunk it in buckets of water along the way and squeeze it over your head for a quick cooldown.  I guess I’ll be using a hotel washcloth.

Worried A LOT about my sore feet.  The tops of my feet have been bothering me since the last two long runs, so I’ll have to see how I feel in the AM.  They’ve been hurting every time I wear my running shoes while sightseeing here, but too late to change them.  I might make this particular run, Kaye Lyssy’s Paris HALF Marathon, and then I’ll fix my feet and “owe” myself another full marathon. I’d rather run what I can and be able to walk the next few days because I have LOTS more to see here!   Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t stress out…AND that I’m clear-headed enough to make the right decision. 

Thanks for all your good vibes.  I feel them all the way over here! I’m truly grateful for all the love and support you all give me.  We all get by with a little help from our friends (and family!)  More tomorrow after the race…..